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Never Diluted / No Additives / All Natural / Essential Oil

True Co2

About True Co2

Our Cooperative exists solely to provide the best alternative medicinal cannabis to our patients. True Co2 products are chosen from the highest selection of strains and quality available. We hope you enjoy our true co2 line.

True Co2 Team

True Goals:

  • Bringing operation and product standards to the medical cannabis industry
  • Educating medical cannabis providers in the areas of law, regulation and best practice
  • Providing regulators with attainable standards for medical cannabis businesses
  • Informing health care providers of legitimate clinical applications for medical cannabis
Many analytical labs serving the medical cannabis industry have not been properly audited and many do not provide consistently accurate data. We use SteepHill & SC Labs, both labratories promote equality and safety standards that have been endorsed by the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) and the American Herbal Pharmacopeia (AHP) Cannabis monograph. Our lab tests are available here.


Only made from the freshest trim. yum...

Premium Co2 Shatter
Variety of Strains

Not your ordinary Jelly

All natural hash oil, which we call Jelly! Contains 0ppm, directly out of our machines! :)

Pure Unrefined Co2 Jelly
Like a Sap, but Jelly...

Perfect for dabbing

Completely Defatted and yet the Terpenes remain intact! Flows lawlessly in any vaporizer and puts our competitors to shame! You can even put it in your e-cig. muah hahaha

True Co2 Applicators
No Cuts, No Additives.

Why Choose True?

We’re Leading Change

We’re Punctual

We have magic

We love our patients

We’re responsible

We're Friendly

What patients say?

Smoothest Medicine I've had. Thank you so much!


What people say?

Great Stuff. Thanks!

What people say?

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